June 2nd, 2016


Prism by StarMaple, stitchy (PG)

Title: Prism
Fandom: Starwars: The Force Awakens
Pairing: Finn/Poe Dameron
Categories: AU, Fan Comic, Romance
Length: 6 pages
Warnings: Soulmates

Author on LJ: starmaple,
Website: StarMaple, Stitchy

Summary: A 6 page comic set in a Soulmate AU in which one suddenly sees colors upon meeting their soulmate.

Review: This is such a pretty comic. Lovely shading and color. And such a cute story. I just love the expression the artists worked into the characters expressions.

3x3 eyes yakumo

Don't You Know (We're Stronger Now)? by Kaels_Miscellany (Mature)

Title: Don't You Know (We're Stronger Now)?
Fandom: Haven
Pairing: Audrey Parker/Duke Crocker/Nathan Wuornos
Categories: action/adventure, drama, threesome, slash, supernatural
Length: medium, 14,245 words
Warnings: none.

Author on Livejournal: n/a?
Author Website: Kaels_Miscellany on AO3

Summary: Nathan’s hand laces in her own and squeezes, incentive enough to tear herself away. “We’ll stop you,” she declares, the assertion filling her up with certainty. “We’ll find a way.” Audrey swears, swears, an invisible hand laces with her free one, a hand lacking in details, yet utterly right.

Review: So just before Christmas Haven broadcast its final episode to various receptions. After Forever is a fic exchange based around post-finale possibilities, which produced an archive of basically Haven finale therapy in fanfic form, including this particular story.

Here the trio are set down post-finale in the alien world that Mara and William hailed from, with the consequences there of the initial experiments using aether. It's fascinating to see some of the more sci-fi possibilities of Haven that the series was never able to venture into finally explored.

There's the odd typo early on, but I love this story most for the place where it leaves the main cast, which feels to me like the perfect ending for them that canon never managed to strike.

Don't You Know (We're Stronger Now)?