June 15th, 2016

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His Rebel in the Bedroom by Liadt (General)

Title: His Rebel in the Bedroom
Fandom: Blake's 7
Pairing: Soolin/Dr Bellfriar
Categories: romance, pastiche, humour, adventure-ish
Length: medium, 5,196 words
Warnings: author warns for references to past illness and after-effects

Author on Livejournal: liadtbunny
Author Website: Liadt on AO3

Summary: Dr Bellfriar is pleasantly surprised to find a strange female in his hotel room wearing a bath towel! He isn't interested in Soolin's sob story. He's late for a party and she'll be perfect as his ready-made date!

Soolin's completely bewildered.... She thought pretending to be a loving couple would be easy, but the chemistry between her and Bellfriar is explosive! She's also left with no doubt that what Bellfriar wants, he gets, and it seems he wants her — badly...

Review: It's ficathon season! (fic challenge, fic exchange...) and I seem to have signed up for allll of them *faints*. In case you haven't heard of it, let me introduce you to the spectacular piece of nuttery fannish genius. yes. that is the unconventional courtship challenge. I can't really explain this fic without mentioning it, and I think it deserves a little rec of its own... The challenge: take a Mills & Boon romance paperback novel blurb. Toss the book. Substitute the cast for the characters of your choice. Write fic.

It's not actually a challenge I was expecting to produce in-character, in-universe fanfiction centred upon Soolin, my favourite unsung character of the B7 'verse. In this fic, trying to win a Federation-allied doctor (a believed-deceased minor character from an earlier ep, at that) to her crew's cause while striking up an adorable banter and affectionate relationship with the fellow at the same time. Everything about the unexpected 'ship, Bellfriar's survival and characterisation, the cameo at the end, the discussions between the two characters throughout, I just found very heartwarming and uplifting.

His Rebel in the Bedroom