June 21st, 2016

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The Longer You Stay by emiv (T)

Title: The Longer You Stay
Fandom: Dark Knight Rises (2012 film trilogy)
Pairing: Bruce Wayne/ Selina Kyle
Categories: Fluff, Romance, Family, Drama
Length: Epic
Warnings: Parental Abandonment, Milder Than Canon-Typical Bad Stuff (Violence, Betrayal, Crime, Child Abuse, Neglect, Sexism, Classism, etc.)

Author on LJ: emiv
Author Website: Tumblr

Author’s Summary:
Bruce Wayne was never meant to be part of Selina’s clean slate. Then again, neither were a circus boy, a street rat or a rich kid.
For a girl who didn’t like strings, Selina found herself getting attached.

Apparently, emiv looked at Dark Knight Rises and decided that what it needed was some fluff and found family. So this fic consists of Bruce and Selina wandering the world, adopting this world’s versions of the Batman comic’s first three Robins and going sideways around their many, many issues. There are dangers and difficulties Selina has to address, but all that’s at stake is the main characters’ happiness and well-being.

Bruce and Selina are both pragmatic, the kind of weird that comes from being very solitary and achingly lonely. Abandoning their roles as criminal and vigilante allows them to have a close relationship without addressing the discrepancies in their morals, background and lifestyles. The narrative does a solid, but subtle job of conveying the way Selina thinks while Bruce’s personality is in the way she sees him speak and act.

The kids come from similar circumstances as in the comics, adjusted for location and lack of legal guardians, which makes for fun comparisons. They are all distinct, adorable and pose unique challenges to raise. They all need parents and this fic makes a strong argument that Bruce and Selina are the right choice.

The Longer You Stay is steadfastly hopeful and positive. I like that.

The Longer You Stay
Companion Stories (includes Bruce and Selina getting together and Bruce’s POV of story events)