June 22nd, 2016

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By These Broken Wings, Shall We Be Carried by Jadzibelle

Title: By These Broken Wings, Shall We Be Carried
Fandom: Haven
Pairing: Audrey/Duke/Nathan
Categories: adventure, AU - canon divergence, fix-it, romance
Length: long, 21,741 words
Warnings: none

Author on Livejournal: n/a
Author Website: Jadzibelle on AO3

Summary: Vince never becomes the controller of the barn. Instead, Nathan is the one to speak with Agent Howard and becomes the controller when he realizes that it will link him to Audrey forever. Instead of killing Duke, Nathan and Audrey realize that the 500 years worth of aether inside of him is more than enough to power the barn and the three of them build a new barn as they have done everything else, together.

Review: “Yeah?” Duke asked, fixing Audrey with a smile that Nathan knew entirely too well- stubborn and bitter and sure of himself. “How exactly do you see this working when Nate starts to go all bad strobe effect if we aren’t holding on to him?”
“...The crystal,” Nathan said, making them both look back at him. “Parker, you first touched it, there was- a reaction. I could feel... something. Might be enough, one of you is touching that. Hell of a lot easier than keeping a hand on
me the whole time, if it is.”
“...A reaction,” Duke said, the words carefully flat, and Nathan scowled at him.
“Yes, a reaction,” he said, trying to convey with look alone that
now was not the time for innuendo.

There's not really a way to spoiler this one, after that summary -- which is the prompt it was written from, this being my second rec from the collection of the After Forever (aka. post-finale therapy) fic exchange. But that's really the point. The function of this tale is to wrap up the elements which were present in the final episodes of Haven with an OT3 ending in the manner canon chose not to. It's a fix-all, a dose of much-needed happiness. But it comes with a great sci-fi wrapping exploring in more detail a few of the ideas canon barely touched on, in 20k+ of romance and adventure.

It always made far more sense to me that Nathan should be the one to choose to become the controller of the new Barn and take Howard's place, guaranteeing that if Audrey had to leave again he would at least be with her for the rest of their long lives, and much of the story focuses on the mechanisms of that. The frustration of Haven was that it never fully played out and explored so many of its sci-fi concepts, and it's fascinating to see that given more attention here as Nathan tries to learn to be the mind of a dimension travelling building.

I have some minor gripes with the ending, that it wouldn't be that easy to go back after the changes that take place here, that it isn't what I'd pick for the future of these particular characters with a wider universe at their fingertips, but it seems that I'm in the minority there, with my love of Bittersweet! with an extra dash of Bitter! and aversion to clear-cut happy-ever-afters, so ah, well...

By These Broken Wings, Shall We Be Carried