June 23rd, 2016


Chasing the Horizon by Stiliniski (Nc17)

Title: Chasing the Horizon
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Categories: AU, Action/Adventure, Fusion, Hurt/Comfort
Length: Long (33k)
Warnings: Detailed descrptions of torture

Author on LJ: http://obroech.tumblr.com/
Website: Stilinksi AO3

Summary: Stiles nearly laughs and for a moment, he sits there trying to think of anything to say. "It's been a good year," he croaks at long last. "I got you back--I got you back and I was so scared I'd lose you, you know? I got out there; I backpacked across half of Europe with my best friends - I got to see the never less than perfectly composed Lydia Martin after a few days without showers or real beds. Scott and Allison got married, dad. I made a speech."

The Sheriff's expression softens and he smiles, reaching up and clapping Stiles' shoulder. "You did. I was there. You had Melissa, Scott and Allison in tears."

Review: This is a remarkably sweet story, given its really dark premise. Stilinski merges Supernatural style demons with Teen Wolf's cast of characters. To create a whole new kind of dark supernatural twist to the TW universe.

If you aren't familiar with Supernatural, don't worry. Pretty much all you need to know is that in order to revive people from the dead, or cure them of the incurable you can go to the crossroads and sell your soul. After that you have one year to live before the hell hounds drag you to hell.

Despite the dark premise and the fact that Derek has been a hell-houmd for a long time, he is still a very sweet and giving soul, determined to kill the demon Kate and avenge his family. Stiles is an well meaning asshole in pretty much every universe, and he will definitely try to snark you to death. The thriller part of the story has some nice twists and turns, but stays pretty straightforward and easy to follow.

If you like revenge/thriller stories or sweet supernatural romances with dark elements this story might be a good one for you to check out.

Chasing the Horizon

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