June 25th, 2016

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Before the Darkness Swallows You by Veldeia (Mature)

Title: Before the Darkness Swallows You
Fandom: Marvel 616
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Categories: survival Horror, Romance
Length: Long [30,838 words]
Warnings: Temporary Character Death, Blood and Gore

Author/Artist/Creator on LJ: veldeia
Author/Artist/Creator Website: Veldeia’s AO3

Summary:Steve was gone.
Tony was all alone in the dark, the blackness of the damp, rock-walled corridor only occasionally broken by the fluttering fluorescent lamps in the ceiling.
He wasn’t afraid of the dark. An abandoned mine was by no means the scariest environment he’d ended up in. Still, he’d have been crazy not to be afraid of what lurked in these shadows.

Review: This is one amazing Horror story. It gets a bit bloody and gory in places and the characters act accordingly, but I felt it didn’t go “too far” and had no trouble reading all the parts, despite being a little squeamish. Despite all this i found the monsters and the cave setting really scary and I wasn’t all that sure how this story would end.

There is a nice twists to everything and the author builds towards it nicely without giving it away too soon, but in a way that readers can follow and figure out along the way and the emotional arcs of the romance are nicely built up.

Before the Darkness Swallows You