July 20th, 2016

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Out of the Cave by lilacsigil (Teen)

Title: Out of the Cave
Fandom: Agent Carter
Pairing: gen
Categories: post-canon, villainfic, adventure, friendship
Length: 3,286 words, medium
Warnings: none

Author on Livejournal: lilacsigil
Author Website: lilacsigil on AO3

Summary: When Whitney Frost escapes the asylum, Dottie Underwood is there waiting with a plan.

Review: The moment she discovered the first of the listening devices in the air vent of her asylum cell Whitney started to feel better. She wasn't forgotten, a nobody, a failure. She was merely a force in retreat, and her enemies still feared her.

This is one of a number of recworthy fics to come out of SSR Confidential, Agent Carter fandom's recent fic exchange. It carves its particular place in my heart by redressing the indignity of canon's ending for Whitney Frost, charting her recovery and daring escape from the asylum -- and the ensuing villainous team-up as Whitney and Dottie forge an alliance.

The plans are smart, believably convincing of Whitney's smarts and the fact that just because she lost her powers doesn't mean she's not still capable of being a threat; there's the certain note of hilarity concerning Howard Stark's contribution to the story, and the dialogue and forming relationship between Whitney and Dottie is wonderfully in-character and plausible.

I also enjoyed the motif in the ending that refers back to the title. Just an empowering tale of evil women being awesome.

Out of the Cave