February 27th, 2017

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Blue Bayou by The_Lionheart (M)

Title: Blue Bayou
Fandom: Gravity Falls (Many minor crosses, notably "Rick and Morty")
Pairing: OFC & Stanford Pines
Categories: Space Pirates, Road Trip, Angst, Horror, Friendship, Queer-Platonic, Pre-Canon
Length: Long (24 000 words)
Warnings: Violence, Slavery, Non-Con, Canon-Typical Horror

Author Website: AO3

Author’s Summary:
"So good-bye, I'll be leaving,

I see no sense in this crying and grieving, 

We'll both live a lot longer

If you live without me..."
- Linda Ronstadt, "Different Drum"

This fic is very accessible to people unfamiliar with Gravity Falls canon, however its premise is a spoiler.

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The horror and ugliness is worse than Gravity Falls canon, because the characters talk about what happens and deal with emotional fall-out on-screen, but also better because the main characters are adults. The ending is more bitter than sweet (and the AU sequels currently incomplete).

Overall, Blue Bayou's a fun fic about awkward criminals having scary adventures and (failing at) negotiating a relationship.

Blue Bayou