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The Soul Adores by Maeglin Yedi (NC-17)

Title: The Soul Adores
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry Potter/Tom Riddle, Harry Potter/Severus Snape, Harry Potter/Tom Riddle/Severus Snape
Categories: AU, angst, drama, dark!fic, mystery
Length: epic (~41,000)
Warnings: dub-con, mindfuck, numerous character deaths (not any of the main characters) -- well, it's the war

Author on LJ: maeglinyedi (last updated in 2007)
Website: Maeglin Yedi's @ SkyeHawke

Author's Summary: Harry gets his hands on Slytherin's locket, but gold is not all he finds. In a desperate bid to gain crucial information, Harry attempts to play the player, with unpredictable results.

In a world not influenced by JKR's magic, not everything goes according to Dumbledore's plans. On his quest to destroy all horcruxes, Harry meets the mysterious Tom Riddle of the Golden Locket and inadvertently finds companionship, perhaps at the cost of the lives of many others. But there is a happy ending and all things work out at the end. Sort of.

For those of you who are relatively new to the Harry Potter fandom, Maeglin Yedi is one of the earlier prolific writers in HP. She's written many stories featuring unusual pairings and her tales lean toward the darker side of fiction; her Sirius Black/Voldemort stories still haunt me to this day.

I felt that some of Harry's actions are -- how should I put this nicely -- DOWN RIGHT DUMB, though I could just be me forgetting that he is a teenager and thus prone to thoughtlessness. While the dialogue and characterization weren't the best I've ever seen, the plot itself pushed several of my kinks, and I have no doubt that this story will amuse like-minded people.

The Soul Adores


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