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The Flight Of The Rice Rocket, by Djsoliloquy (NC-17)

Title:  The Flight Of The Rice Rocket
Fandom:  Axis Powers: Hetalia     {Bonus rec!}
Pairing:  uh, orgy involving America, China, France, Germany, Japan, Korea and Russia, with England as the unwilling copilot and oblivious!driver!Italy
Categories:  humor, crack, pwp
Length:  Medium [~9,000 words]
Warnings:  America insists that this is dubcon, but he is probably in denial

Author on LJdjsoliloquy
Website:  n/a

Author's Summary: Two hours; ten nations; a car the size of a hotdog stand. Sounds like it could be a trailer for the next The Fast and the Furious: Veneziano at the Wheel — except for the whole orgy in the backseat. The car gets fantastic gas mileage, though.

Review:  I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out the best Hetalia fic to share with everyone first.  This fandom is so wonderful, and I really wanted to get the cracky yet sweet aspects of canon across.  I'm pretty satisfied with my decision, because Flight of the Rice Rocket exemplifies the wacky hijinks that the assorted Nations get themselves into.

Hetalia, for the tragically uninformed, is a series about anthropomorphic personifications of countries.  While the timeline is nonexistent, much of the action takes place during WWI, and focuses on the three Axis Nations... reimagined as a trio that's not very good at being bad.  The author (and later anime) stays away from darker depictions of history for the most part, preferring to focus on hoyay.  And hoyay there is, since a vast majority of Nations are male, and nearly every type of foreign affairs activity can be turned into a relationship metaphor.  The fandom often chooses to keep the romance but not the lighthearted take on history, or just forgets the humor altogether - and while I plan on reccing serious Hetalia fic, it doesn't give readers a great feel for the canon mood.

This fic, in contrast, is right on target with its antics.  Djsoliloquy has an eye for humorous situations, all right, and she definitely squeezed every last drop of situational hilarity out of her scenario.  The characters are all deliciously IC, as well; I think I liked put-upon!England the best, but everyone shines.  The ending, when they all finally arrive at their destination and fallout finally occurs, is icing on the cake.

The Flight Of The Rice Rocket
Tags: fandom: hetalia, genre: crack, genre: humor, length: medium, recs by trace_by_echo
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