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Repossession by Lazuli (NC-17)

Title: Repossession
Fandom: Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Categories: Romance, Angst, Drama, Dark, Hurt/Comfort
Length: Super Epic
Warnings: Extremely dark content such as reference to torture, non-con, blood play, violence, a bit of character bashing, and more.

Author on LJ: n/a (?)
Website: Excess

Several years after leaving Sunnydale behind, a successful but lonely Alex “Xander” Harris finds an unconscious, skeletal, and badly injured Spike in an alleyway, one who doesn’t seem to remember who he is or the people he’s known.

‘Repossession’ is, by all accounts, one of the larger Spike and Xander fics on the ‘net. It boasts over 100 parts, a yule inspired post-fic, and a content guide for the wary reader who wants to know what might happen in each and every chapter. It is also one of the most widely recced S/X fics out there and, incidentally, is one of the toughest recs I’ve ever considered posting because I continue to waffle on it even as I do post. Lazuli has done an excellent job of capturing her readers right from the start, employing an intriguing and hurt/comfort filled premise to keep the readers on the edge of their seats, wondering about the who’s, the why’s, and the where’s of the situation. Even the characterization, which can be given leeway since the story is set years in the future for Xander and after some truly horrific events for Spike, is likable and not too ridiculously far a field of what I remember from canon.

I honestly adored this story when I first started reading it – something that quite a few people have said before – and many fans name it among their absolute favorites of all time. For me, while I loved the first sixty or so chapters, I found myself getting a little tired of the repetitive cycle of traumas and recoveries that befall the characters and even though I applauded the author’s ingenuity on certain key elements in the plot, the story as a whole might have been better served being somewhat shorter and less drawn out. Many of the ‘issues’ I have from the story spur from it’s length and the inevitable fluffing of the characters to make them seem more than they are in context.

All things told, however, every reader has to decide for themselves and, while I do still waffle on the story as a whole, I still think it deserves to be recced as I enjoyed it immensely. On that note, please be warned before going in that the author doesn’t seem to warn for content so please take my warnings above into consideration.

Tags: fandom: buffy the vampire slayer, genre: angst, genre: dark, genre: drama, genre: hurt/comfort, genre: romance, length: super!epic, pairing: spike/xander, recs by slyprentice
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