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The Hard Prayer by Rheanna (PG-13)

Title: The Hard Prayer
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: John/Rodney
Categories: AU, angst, horror
Length: long (>30,000)
Warnings: apocafic

Author on LJ: rheanna27
Website: Palimpsest

Author's summary: One year after the end of the world, John meets another survivor.

A story of one crazy meeting another crazy and their journey after the apocalypse.

Post-apocalyptic shorelines, admittedly, are one of my favourites. In The Hard Prayer, Rodney and John are both basket cases; that much is canon, but rarely do you see it delivered so well in fanfiction. Their journey for survival and sanity isn't an easy one, although I can promise you a happy ending. I was completely mesmerized by the description of the events and (unfortunately dead) people they encounter, some made me smile, most made me sad, and one made me cry.

After read many post-apocalypse books and seen quite a few of those movies, I can honestly say The Hard Prayer is one of the best in this genre. Highly recommended!

The Hard Prayer


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