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Title: The Thin Man Beams Aboard.
Fandom: Star Trek: Enterprise.
Pairing: Trip/T’Pol.
Categories: Mystery, Romance.
Length: Long.
Warnings: Established relationship, death of an original character before the fic begins, major spoilers for the novel/movie “The Thin Man”.

Author on LJ: n/a
Author Website: allakimbo @ Fanfiction.net

The Enterprise receives a garbled transmission from a mining station, a joint Human/Andorian/Vulcan project. Once they arrive to investigate, they find one that one of the crew members has died in a suspicious accident and that a possible saboteur lurks about.

Written in the best “whodunit” tradition, the fic captures you from the start: was the crewmember’s death really an accident? Is there a saboteur on the station? Is it only one person behind the strange happenings or are there people working together? While the reader does not have access to all the clues to figure it out by his or herself, it’s fascinating to watch the characters piece everything together.

One of the other things I really enjoyed about this story is that it does not sacrifice character interaction and development for the sake of the plot. Set between “Bound” and “Demons”, it shows us a possible side of Trip and T’Pol’s relationship that was barely explored on the show: they finally recognize their bond and their feelings for each other and try, slowly, too develop their relationship.

Striking a great balance between its well developed mystery plot and the lovely Trip/T'Pol interaction, “The Thin Man Beams Aboard” is a great Enterprise fic.

The Thin Man Beams Aboard.
And its sequel
Thin Man Overboard.


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