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Title: The Jones that knew.
Fandom: Indiana Jones.
Pairing: Gen (Marion/Indiana mentioned).
Categories: Kid!Fic.
Length: Medium.
Warnings: Major spoilers for “Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”.

Author on LJ: radiotardislive
Author Website: n/a

Like most people I know, I wasn’t too keen on some aspects of the latest Indiana Jones movie. I did enjoy, however, the interaction between Indy, Marion and Mutt and this fic has done a great job of exploring two of these characters.

While trying to deal with her whining eight-year-old son, Marion ends up bumping into an old acquaintance: Dr. Henry Jones Sr. They strike up a conversation where some important information (namely, Mutt’s true parentage) is revealed.

I’ve never really dabbled in the “Indiana Jones” fandom, but this particular fic has got me craving more. I absolutely adored Dr. Jones’s interaction with Marion and Mutt, so much so, in fact, that this has become my personal canon.

The Jones that knew.


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