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Title: SVS-13: The Mountie Who Fell to Earth
Fandom: Due South/The Sentinel
Pairing: Fraser/Ray K, Jim/Blair
Categories: humor, crossover
Length: epic
Warnings: established relationship (J/B)

Author on LJ: n/a(?)
Author Website: http://members.tripod.com/~JosephineDarcy/

Okay, I'll just come out and say it: the beginning of this story is overly jokey about DS canon and the plot is preposterous. Then again, this *is* a crossover featuring DS and it was written for a Sentinel audience, and the jokes do give you a quick background into DS. Plus, they're hilarious. And the plot features Blair getting kidnapped, so it's not too implausible.

This isn't the first DS/TS crossover I've read, but it's definitely the most entertaining. Jim and Blair are wandering in the Cascade mountains when they run into Fraser and Ray. Three minutes later, a dead Mountie falls from the sky. Of course, Jim and Blair are put on the case and, of course, Fraser and Ray decide to help.

What I like best about this fic is the way it compares and contrasts four distinctly different (but with a surprising number of similarities) men, while at the same time exploring both Jim and Blair's new relationship and the beginning of an affair between Fraser and Ray. There are the usual hints that Fraser might be a sentinel, but Josephine is careful to point out that even if Fraser is a sentinel, he and Jim have very different abilities (how often does *Jim* go around licking things?) Bonus: *Jim* gives *dating advice*. Ha!

SVS-13: The Mountie Who Fell to Earth


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