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Title: The "Odo on Terok Nor" Series.
Fandom: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
Pairing: Mostly Gen (with established Odo/Kira on the last two stories).
Categories: Angst, Drama, Case File, Pre-canon, Post-Canon.
Length: Epic.
Warnings: Occupation of Bajor depicted, thus mentions: character death (of OCs and people that die on the show anyway, such as Ziyal and Dukat), violence, forced labor, torture, "comfort women" and rape (followed by off-screen pregnancy).

Author on LJ: n/a
Author Website: Cardie-ologist's Fanfic Pages.

Cardie-ologist's "Odo on Terok Nor" Series chronicles the Constable's life on the Station. The first three stories are set after Odo's investigation of Vaatrik's murder and depict the beginning of his career as Chief of Security and his growing reputation as someone who follows the dictates of justice and not the Prefect's will. The last two stories in the series are set after the fall of Cardassia and show a different ending for all major characters as well as the resolution for some of the story lines presented earlier in the series.

Most Odo-centered stories focus either on his longing for/relationship with Kira or his ties with the Founders. This series presents Odo from an angle not explored as often: his role on Terok Nor and the reputation he built, which made him be seen as a neutral figure after the end of the Occupation and not just another collaborator. This is done in a wonderful and believable way, covering Odo's strange relationship with Dukat, his initial slight innocence and naiveté (a result of being unaware of the rules of the game) and his struggle to uphold justice when even the laws are against him. This rich background is explored in the last two stories of the series, which are set after the end of DS9's run (though an alternate end, where Odo remained on DS9).

Odo and Dukat are the stars of the series, being wonderfully written, but the supporting characters (the OCs in particular) are also wonderful, making for an interesting and layered story.

The "Odo on Terok Nor" Series: Reason Not the Need; The Rack of this Tough World; Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth; Ever but Slenderly; Revelation.


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