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Lost and Found by BjJones (PG13)

Title: Lost and Found
Fandom: CSI Miami
Pairing: Gen
Categories: Action/Adventure, AU, Case_File
Length: Epic (40,000)
Warnings: fix-it fic

Author on LJ: bjjones
Website: www.sylumclan.com

Summary: Speed comes back from the dead but the past is still dogging him.

Review: Lost and Found is a case_fic with enough twist and turns to keep things interesting. One of the biggest twists is that Speed is back from the dead. There are a lot of Lost Son fix-it fics in the CSI: Miami fandom but this is one of my favorites. It deals with the repercutions of somebody coming back after their supposed death nicely without veering into the instant romance side of things. The characterization interaction and dialogue are a bit different than what would normally be found in the show, but it is still very readable.

Chaos Theory is the sequel to Lost and Found and runs a lot more like a episode from CSI: Miami even to the point where it mocks its own Fandom, which I always find amusing. The plot is a bit less straight forward than Lost and Found as nobody really knows what's going on until the last chapter, but its still a fun read.

Bj-Jones is a bit of a legend in the CSI-Miami fandom, particularly because of her Sylum verse. This series isn't as tightly written as her later stories but her writing style still shines through. They're great stories with a real escapist literature feel.

Lost and Found

Chaos Theory


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