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Nativity by Milkshake Butterfly (PG-13)

Title: Nativity by Milkshake Butterfly
Fandom: Brimstone/Dogma
Pairing: None
Categories: Gen, humour, crossover
Length: Medium ~9,000 words
Warning: None given - although it's probably not suitable for anyone who takes their religion seriously.
Rating: PG-13

Author on LJ: The 32nd Flavour
Website: The Butterfly Factory - currently closed for repairs but with links to the author's work at other locations.

Summary: Eight and a half months after the end of Dogma, and there's no room at the Inn

Review: At the end of Dogma, Bethany Sloane is told that she's pregnant and carrying a new Messiah ('the one who will be Lord and Saviour, Again', to quote this fic). Being a traditionalist - and also somewhat stunned by the whole scenario, as is only reasonable in the circumstances - Bethany is sort-of expecting to give birth in a stable surrounded by donkeys. When the time comes, however, she's driving through a snow-storm, is turned away by a Days Inn, and ends up trapped in a branch of Wal-mart with a bunch of very odd characters. At this more than slightly inconvenient moment, Bethany meets a man:

"Are you okay?" the guy asked.

The answer was, resoundingly, no. She was giving birth in a snowed-in Wal-mart, half-frozen, and still horny, which didn't seem fair, and the returning sensation to her extremities was making her dizzy enough to lose control of her mouth--or at least, that was the only reason she could come up with to explain why she blurted, "You're really cute but I'm in labor, so unless you're a doctor I'm mostly going to be screaming at you and you might just want to pass me off to someone else."

He blinked, and his brow furrowed slightly. It made him slightly cuter, remarkably. "Actually, I'm a cop."

He is, in fact, Ezekiel Stone, a dead cop returned to Earth to track down 113 escaped demons - and that's only the start of the weirdness. Add in the Metatron (the Voice of God), Lucifer and Three Wise Nuns, and what you have here is a surreal take on the Christmas story worthy of the great Kevin Smith himself. It's strange, it's funny, and it's even kind of hopeful with the suggestion that Zeke and Bethany might just get together at the end. Plus, although I've never seen Brimstone, the characters from Dogma sound just right to me and the author has certainly had a huge amount of fun writing this - fun which communicates itself to the reader in handfuls.

Yes, to a certain extent, it does poke fun at organised religion, but unless that's a major turn-off for you I suspect you will find this light-hearted story very entertaining and thought-provoking and generally just downright enjoyable.

Link: Nativity


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