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Bounty Hunter Bedlam by hwshipper (PG-13)

Crossover Week might be over, but I have a *ton* of crossover recs left over and now seems like the best time to post them. Enjoy!

Title: Bounty Hunter Bedlam by hwshipper
Fandom: House/Stephanie Plum novels
Pairing: House/Wilson, the perpetual triangle that is Stephanie's love life
Categories: humor, action, drama, angst, casefile, established relationship
Length: Long (~27,000 words)
Warnings: non-explicit pre-story child sexual assault; consistently referencing a 6'6" man as 'short'

Author on LJ: hwshipper 
Website: n/a

When Jonathan Wilson misses his court appearance, Stephanie is sent out to bring him in. Little did she know just how much trouble Jon's brother (and said brother's acerbic boyfriend) would cause.

There are no words to describe just how much I like this fic, but I'll give it a try. First, you have the writing: tone perfect, hilarious, and very fast-paced. If Janet Evanovich (the author of the Stephanie Plum novels) had written this herself, it couldn't sound more perfect.

Second you have the plot: most House crossovers play in House's sandbox, with a medical mystery and lots of House snarking. This fic is more of a Stephanie Plum novel with the mystery based around House characters, which is a wonderful change of pace and far, far funnier than any House-based story could actually be.

Third, you have the characters, which are *brilliant*. Stephanie and Wilson are great, but the true stars of this story are House, Lulu, and Grandma Mazur who just happen to be the three most tactless people on earth. Unsurprisingly, they all love each other (though I think House has a soft spot for Grandma Mazur, who is currently going through a Goth phase).

Finally you have the relationships, which are layered and complex, giving this story a lot more depth than most Plum novels. The Wilson family is well-drawn and tragic at times and I wanted to give Wilson (and even House, at times) a big old hug.

If you know nothing about the fandoms involved in this crossover, don't worry: I'm pretty confident someone who has never even heard of House or of Stephanie Plum could read this story and really love it. If you do know the fandoms, however, you're in for a treat. This is one of the best House fics I've read and is far and away the best Stephanie Plum fic that I've ever encountered. A delight all around.

Bounty Hunter Bedlam


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