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Title: Mind Over Matter by Npkedit aka sherlock21b
Fandom: House/X-Men
Pairing: gen
Categories: drama, crossover
Length: long (~19,000 words)
Warnings: n/a

Author on LJ: n/a
Website: n/a

In X-Men 2, there is a world-wide mutant telepathic attack. For most people (at least those not in planes or cars at the time), this manifested as a short-term migraine with no lasting consequences. Robert Chase, on the other hand, wakes up fourteen hours later with a blinding headache and strange, inexplicable good luck. Sadly, this does not mean he manages to get out of working with House.

What an intriguing concept! Movies (or shows) that depict world-wide events are ripe for crossovers and this is a particularly good one. More of a fusion than a crossover (characters from the X-Men don't show up until near the end), Mind Over Matter is a character study of what might happen if an adult suddenly finds out that he's a mutant. Npkedit does a great job with the revelations (just what is Chase's power?) as well as her characterizations. Chase is great, and House is perfectly and awesomely in-character, and their interactions are brilliant -- snarky and sarcastic and (maybe, if you squint) just a bit affectionate. Plus the X-Men cameos (McCoy!) are fantastic.

A solid crossover that takes the best of both canons, this is a great fic for anyone who enjoys a good fusion.

Mind Over Matter (ff.net)


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