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Involuntary Conversion by celli (PG)

Title: Involuntary Conversion
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: gen
Categories: amnesia, case file, humor
Length: Medium (~6,250 words)

Author on LJ: celli / [personal profile] celli
Website: [archiveofourown.org profile]celli

Author Summary: In which Sam learns to take his dad's advice, the accounting equation is abused, and "zapped" is a technical term. Supernaturally speaking.

Review: At first, you think you're reading an accountant AU. That is, until the creepy new temp, Sam, starts asking Dean lots of weird personal questions. Turns out Dean was whammied into thinking that he is a tax accountant, and Sam needs to convince him otherwise and get his help to defeat the bad guys and reverse the brainwashing.

Dean is still very much Dean, a charismatic goof-ball, tossing pencils at the ceiling and flirting with everyone. The author really captured his voice, and I really enjoyed Sam and Dean's snarking back and forth.

Written two years before the season four episode, "It's a Terrible Life," which had a similar premise, it seems particularly prescient, except, of course, this is much fluffier and funnier than the canon episode.

Link to the story:
Involuntary Conversion (on AO3)
Involuntary Conversion (on LJ)
Involuntary Conversion (on DW)


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