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An Admirable Solution by Speranza (NC-17)

Title: An Admirable Solution
Fandom: Due South
Pairing: Fraser/Kowalski
Categories: h/c, angst
Length: Long
Warnings: n/a

Author on LJ: cesperanza
Author Website: http://www.trickster.org/speranza/index.html

While enduring a long stakeout, Fraser and Ray get to talking about how long it's been since either of them had sex. Answer? Too long. And once Ray manages to work into the conversation the fact that he's 'flexible' well... Let's just say that Fraser comes up with a solution to the whole 'lack of sex' problem. It involves lots of sex, and no strings. Except that Ray doesn't do casual, and it doesn't take long before he starts wanting things he can't have.

'An Admirable Solution' manages to be angsty without being melodramatic, and I really like the way that the whole question of homophobia is handled. Most of the issues come from Fraser, who is basing his opinion on how the world works on two things: the way gay men were assigned when he graduated from the Depot (twenty years before) and Ray Vecchio's reaction to Fraser being gay ( i.e., to cover it up, which makes sense, since Ray is both Catholic and a cop). The end result is that, while homophobia is still presented as something to worry about (just like any other form of bigotry, from racism to misogyny), Fraser's reactions to it are unnecessarily overblown. Because, if there's one thing we can count on from Fraser, it's to be a freak. And that's why we (and Ray, even if it annoys the crap out of him) love Fraser so much.

An Admirable Solution 


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Oct. 16th, 2014 08:49 pm (UTC)

Ray Vecchio did the right thing in covering up what happened to Fraser, and both Fraser and Kowalski agree that he did the right thing - but all you can do is stereotype his reaction as being from "a Catholic and a cop?" Huh?

I don't think you understand how much RayV loves Fraser, and how important his friendship with Fraser is to both him AND Fraser. He did what he did because he unconditionally loves Fraser, without that love being anything romantic or sexual, and I am very tired of seeing him bashed as homophobic and/or stereotyped as homophobic just because he's Catholic and a cop! Kowalski could ALSO be Catholic, and he's a cop too, but no one ever stereotypes him as a homophobic. Oh no - he's the perfect little golden boy Ray! The bashing of RayV needs to stop in this fandom. He is wonderful, and more F/K shippers need to praise him, not bash him!!
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