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Draw Back Your Bow by gadgetorious (NC-17)

Bonus rec! (to make up for the shortness of my other :)

Title: Draw Back Your Bow
Fandom: Star Trek XI, Xena: Warrior Princess
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy
Categories: Humor, Romance, Crossover
Length: Medium
Warnings: None
Author on LJ: gadgetorious
Website: n/a
After Jim finds out that McCoy is more than just a simple country doctor, he feels the need to has this out. Much to McCoy's dismay.

'Draw Back Your Bow' is everything I hoped for in a Cupid!Bones story. That is to say, Bones is still Bones: grumpy, bitter, and unhappily divorced. He isn't sporting wings (though I would have loved it if he had) or trying to play matchmaker. He's just himself, and so is Jim, who is equal parts fascinated and embarrassed that his best friend (and love interest) is the former God of Love.

gadgetorious did an spectacular job of marrying these two universes together, both believably and uniquely. Her take on bitter but secretly supportive of love Cupid!Bones is fabulous and her embarrassed-but-determined Jim is even more so. The only thing, for me, that would have made it better is a side-story of some sort so we could find out exactly how Jim stumbled onto the fact that McCoy is was the God of Love.

Draw Back Your Bow


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