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Bonus Rec!

Title: Gerard Way’s (Vampire) Detective Agency
Fandom: Bandom
Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Categories: action/adventure, AU, case file, creature, mystery, supernatural, vampire
Length: Epic (~43,000 words)
Warnings: discussion of character death, some messed up tenses and missing words

Author on LJ: jjtaylor
Author Website: AO3

When Frank stopped to deliver a message at the famous Way Mansion, he never imagined he would be asked to become a valet for the famous midnighter detective, Gerard Way. After all, he was just a messenger.

This is one of the most original, fascinating, well thought-out AUs I’ve ever read. Each of the characters is transformed so well into this intriguing little world, which has been broken up into communities of daylighters and midnighters. I adore the many changes to government and lifestyles that are highlighted in this.

The characterizations in this story are really something else. The author was able to maintain each character’s description while throwing a unique spin on them by either making them into some other type of creature or showing their place in this new society. Frank and Gerard are the main characters, and both are beautifully depicted. But even the characters that are only mentioned once throughout the fic are terribly interesting.

The artwork for this story is superb, and better yet are the ‘pamphlets.’ The author has inserted over a dozen ‘pamphlets’ about everything, from proper tea to serve different creatures of the night, to what to feed enraged zombies so they’ll fall asleep. Each of these ‘pamphlets’ is both hilarious and insightful for the story itself.

Now the bad: I don’t know what happened with editing in this one, but the tense changes in the first two chapters are truly painful. The rest of the story does seem to be okay tense-wise, but the whole thing could use to be gone over with a fine tooth comb for missing words. It’s still a very good read, but it could have been a great one with just a little more work.

On LJ: Gerard Way’s (Vampire) Detective Agency
On AO3: Gerard Way's (Vampire) Detective Agency


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Dec. 18th, 2010 07:59 am (UTC)
re: editing - fwiw, I did take the liberty of beta-ish correction of the various minor infelicities of tense shifts etc when I recorded it as a podfic. I can't deny that the text version does need a bit of polishing for grammar in places, but this is still OH MY GOD SUCH A BRILLIANT STORY that it absolutely owned my heart when I read it - despite the fact that I knew nothing about bandom at all at the time, and had no idea who any of the characters were. It was my gateway drug.

Podfic version here, at the risk of being a total selfpimp.
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