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riyeht-staya by Medie (PG-13)

Title: riyeht-staya.
Fandom: Star Trek: Enterprise.
Pairing: Gen.
Categories: Case File, Mystery.
Length: Long (~21,300 words).
Warnings: Death of original characters.

Author on LJ: n/a
Author Website: Medie @ AO3.

Vulcan scientist Skon is accused of murder and it's up to the Enterprise crew to clear his name and avoid the execution of the heir to Vulcan's most prominent family.

"riyeht-staya" reads like the novelization (and a very well written one at that) of a great Star Trek episode. The 'whodunit' element of the plot keeps the reader engaged, but it's the characters that really give the story its power. The Enterprise's crewmembers are very much in character and T'Pol in particular is given a chance to shine - her inner conflicts and repressed feelings are wonderfuly written. The insights we get about Vulcans, both as individuals and as a society, are one of my favorite parts of the fic, as is the short epilogue which connects the fic with the Trek mythos we are most familiar with.



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