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The Uncharted Sea by Mahoni (R)

Title: The Uncharted Sea
Fandom: Bandom
Pairing: gen with pre-Gerard/Bob, pre-Jon/Brendon (hints of secondary Ryan/Spencer, Gerard/OMC, Mikey/OMC)
Categories: action/adventure, angst, AU, creature/wing, dark, drama, family, friendship, homeless, horror, hurt/comfort, mystery, pre-slash, slave, supernatural (one chapter about kids)
Length: Super Epic (~119,000 words!)
Warnings: discussion of non-con, discussion of pedophilia, torture, gore, maiming, death, murder, discussion of main character death, bondage, sexual slavery, post traumatic stress disorder, tearjerker

Author on LJ: mahoni
Author Website: masterlist of fic, AO3

In a world where T.V. stands for ‘telepathic vision’ box and healers are more trusted than doctors, Jon is just going through the motions. He doesn’t have any real friends; after all he survives on robbery and other crimes. But one night he runs into Brendon and his friends. That’s the night everything changes.

On the other side of the world, in the middle of uncharted territory, the only thing that’s keeping Gerard even remotely sane is his brother. After all, there’s nothing as awful in the world as being a cabin boy for a pirate ship. But when he meets Bob—Bob with his pale blond hair and pale blue eyes in a world made up of darkness—he has something more to live for.

There are very few authors that can handle a split POV. There are fewer still who can write it with anything approaching style. This split POV is breathtaking. The two main characters have absolutely NO connection to each other at the beginning of the story, and the way mahoni brings them together in the end is so perfect and at the same time feels so effortless.

The writing in this is very nearly flawless, and better yet beautiful. The descriptions absolutely transport you to this whole new world. And oh what a world. Mahoni melds magic and technology seamlessly to create this culture where unicorns are just as common as seagulls (only a heck of a lot more violent).

There are about a million more things I could say about just how wonderful this story is, but honestly let’s just say this went instantly into my top five fics after I read it, and is currently tied for number one for bandom in general. If you like dark fic and read rpf, do not miss this one!

LJ version: The Uncharted Sea
AO3 verson: The Uncharted Sea


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Short: under 2,000 words
Medium: 2,000-15,000 words
Long: 15,000-40,000 words
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Super Epic: 100,000+ words


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