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Dark Horse by wiseacress (R)

Title: Dark Horse
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Categories: AU, dark, future, horror, slavery
Length: Medium (~11,500 words)
Warnings: violence, slavery, dub-con

Author on LJ: witling
Author Website: Witling

When Spike sees him, head shorn and mostly broken, he doesn’t know what prompts him to buy the former Scooby.

There’s really nothing to not love about this fic. The writing is superb. The characters voices, their motivations, and even the world itself are breathtaking. This is dark fic as it ought to be written, where the characters are mostly the same except for how this new world changes them. More than anything else in this fic, I love how the author draws on canon to explain how Spike really would act in such a desolate world. This season two Spike is just so spot-on it sends shivers up my spine.

Dark Horse


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Medium: 2,000-15,000 words
Long: 15,000-40,000 words
Epic: 40,000-100,000 words
Super Epic: 100,000+ words


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