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Death Is The New Black, by Yahtzee (PG-13)

All Hallow's Eve draws ever closer, and to celebrate here at ER, we're celebrating with a Supernatural/Horror Theme Week! To start off your week right, have some zombies! :D

Title: Death Is The New Black
Fandom: Ugly Betty
Pairing: Daniel/Betty
Categories: Humor, Horror, Crack, AU
Length: Medium (~9900 words)
Warnings: Zombies! Botox! Polyester! Spoilers for 4.19 ('The Past Presents The Present')!

Author on LJ: yahtzee63
Website: yahtzee!

Summary: Manhattan faces its most fabulous apocalypse yet when fashionista zombies take to the streets.

Yahtzee brings energy and joy to everything she writes, and this is no exception. I laughed so hard as the Betty crew fought off zombies in ponchos and bike helmets, with zombie-hunter!Ignacio taking the lead. The interplay between them is wonderful and in-character, and I loved the chemistry between Daniel and Betty. A fantastic late-night read. :)
Death Is The New Black
Tags: fandom: ugly betty, genre: au, genre: crack, genre: horror, genre: humor, length: medium, pairing: het, recs by lolitakun
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