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Expecting by reseda (PG-13)

Title: Expecting
Fandom: Fake News
Pairing: "Stephen Colbert"/Jon Stewart, various other pairings
Categories: drama, mpreg
Length: epic (55,000 words)
Warnings: mpreg

Author on LJ: reseda_ptah
Author Website: erinptah.com

Summary: In which Stephen decides that he could totally get pregnant. How hard could it be?

Review: First of all, yes, this is Stephen Colbert mpreg. And it's completely amazing. There are images and illustrations, and links to relevant clips from the show - reseda's fic is meticulously researched, and parts of it match up with the show. If you're a fan of detail, you'll love this story. Expecting is set in the universe of the Colbert Report, where "Stephen Colbert" really is as he appears on television (as the author calls it, the Reportverse: "the one in which Stephen is a real egomaniac and [the Daily Show] is a real news show"). The characterizations are perfect; reseda writes "Stephen" just as well as the writers on the Colbert Report.

If you end up liking Expecting, there's an entire 'verse built around this story, which is equally terrific.

Expecting (Table of Contents)


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