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Roleplaying, not Living by Lit-Gal (NC-17)

Title: Roleplaying, not Living (formerly known as ‘Can we just roleplay that we’re adults?’)
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Categories: angst, BDSM, post-canon, prostitute, supernatural, vampire, first time m/m
Length: Long (~16,000 words)
Warnings: BDSM, dub-con, non-con object penetration, branding, gore, violence

Author on LJ: lit_gal
Author Website: Worshipping the Geeks

Xander is on a mission—a mission to retrieve slayers from Africa. But the tribal leaders won’t let the girls leave with him unless he performs their shamanic ritual. Which is how he discovers Spike is alive, in LA.

This is an interesting premise. Post-canon usually just follows the basic framework of Xander being a Watcher; it’s interesting to see him become something else connected to the supernatural.

Although I love this story it’s probably not for everyone. Xander chooses to enter into a submissive relationship with Spike, but also embraces the fact that Spike is a mixture of demon and human. And the demon side is really very abusive in every way. The reason I love this story is the fact that it’s the most realistic version of a potential relationship between the two of them I’ve come across. Also, Xander’s spirit guides are pretty awesome.

Roleplaying, not Living


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