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The Big Picture by Speranza (NC-17)

Title: The Big Picture
Fandom: The Dead Zone
Pairing: Johnny/Walt (past Johnny/Sarah, Sarah/Walt, some Walt/OFC flashbacks)
Categories: action/adventure, amnesia, angst, case file, dark, family, kids, mystery, psychic, first time male/male
Length: Long (~29,000 words)
Warnings: graphic descriptions of a serial killer’s crimes, murder, gore, violence, some hints of Sarah bashing

Author on LJ: cesperanza
Author Website: Speranza’a Fiction

When Johnny is the victim of yet another murder attempt, Sarah decides she doesn’t want him in her life anymore. For some reason, as Sarah pulls away Walt seems to be getting closer.

Speranza is one of the few authors who truly understand how to twist canon to create an interesting story in the same genre as the original fandom. I find it truly intriguing that every fandom Speranza writes in is so completely opposite every other and yet she’s able to write in each of these genres equally well. And still create the kind of completely original plots that we all wish the actual show writers would be able to come up with.

This is a really great murder-mystery with just enough angst. I love how organic Johnny and Walt’s relationship is in this. It’s something that develops naturally from the close bond of their friendship. Probably the best part of this story is the complete lack of jealousy. An entertaining and well written fic.

The Big Picture


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