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Putting Out the Lantern by Arsenic (NC-17)

Title: Putting Out the Lantern
Fandom: Bandom
Pairing: Bob/Jon/Spencer, Jon/Cassie, Bob/Spencer (hints of one-sided Tom/Jon)
Categories: angst, AU, Christmas, drama, established relationship, homeless, hurt/comfort
Length: Long (~23,000 words)
Warnings: discussion of homophobia, post traumatic stress disorder, character death

Author on LJ: arsenicjade
Author Website: stories by arsenicjade

When Jon’s world is at its end, he leaves everything behind. For about a year he just wanders, escaping his past. Eventually he ends up at a bar. And Spencer finds him.

Okay, so there are parts of this story that are really fantastic. Jon’s back story and POV are both flawless. In fact everything having to do with Jon is pretty darn perfect. But because of that, all the rest of the characters seem to be more caricatures than anything else.

The plot is fairly intriguing, even if it isn’t the best execution. Again, it feels like the basic structure of the plot is there, only missing the details that would make this a truly great fic. This is still well worth the read, but it really would be better with another 10,000 words of character development added.

Putting Out the Lantern


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