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You Will Be For Me and I Will Fight For You by hackthis (NC-17)

Title: You Will Be For Me and I Will Fight For You
Fandom: Generation Kill
Pairing: Nate Fick/Brad Colbert
Categories: action/adventure, angst, AU, case file, dark-ish
Length: Long (~37,000 words)
Warnings: violence, murder

Author on LJ: hackthis
Author Website: ?

When Brad gets arrested it’s not exactly shocking. After all, he’s spent his life in petty crime and, most recently, hacking. When he hears he’s being convicted of a murder, though, he starts to get a little bit worried.

This is a solid spy-AU, full of death-defying stunts and secret gadgets. I’m particularly fond of the training sections. They are full of delightful little details that must have been difficult to come up with.

Nate and Brad are both written perfectly, with just enough emotion to make them human. Their relationship starts at the perfect point in this story. But better yet, this is a lovely little ensemble piece. Ray, especially, is so much fun.

You Will Be For Me and I Will Fight For You
Tags: fandom: generation kill, genre: action/adventure, genre: angst, genre: au, genre: case file, length: long, pairing: brad/nate, pairing: slash, recs by cheetahanabel
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