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Dust on his hands from the sky by Antennapedia (R)

Title: Dust on his hands from the sky
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Angel: the Series
Pairing: Giles/Xander, Giles/OFC, (Spike/Tara, Buffy/Angel)
Categories: angst, attempted suicide, AU, dark, hurt/comfort
Length: Long (~25,000 words)
Warnings: character death, character death aftermath, suicide attempt aftermath, magic addiction, homophobia

Author on LJ: antennapedia
Author Website: Antennapedia

After Buffy does something Xander can’t forgive her for, he flees to England and Giles.

Antennapedia is one of those authors who can successfully write both fluff and dark fic. This story falls more on the dark side of the spectrum, but there are still some light parts to it. Xander and Giles are able to have an instantly reestablished friendship, and are there for each other in more senses than one. I love the inclusion of the AI gang in this; they are so perfectly themselves while being shown through another’s perspective.

The author doesn’t seem to consider this fic AU, but there are more than enough differences to make it fall into that category for me. Ethan is helpful and trusted by Giles, Xander has been a closeted gay man since the beginning of the series, and the spell that brought Buffy back had far stronger consequences than the canon spell. It’s just different enough to cause a constant niggling at the back of one’s brain of ‘this isn’t quite what happened on the show.’ But if you read it as an AU it’s a bit less distracting.

At Website: Dust on his hands from the sky
On LJ: Dust on his hands from the sky
Tags: fandom: buffy the vampire slayer, genre: angst, genre: attempted suicide, genre: au, genre: dark, genre: hurt/comfort, length: long, pairing: slash, recs by cheetahanabel

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