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Title: Keeper of the Book; Another Door
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel: the Series
Pairing: Wesley/Anne, Spike/Xander (Spike/Harmony, Fred/Knox)
Categories: action/adventure, angst, case file, dark, humor, hurt/comfort, mystery, supernatural
Length: Super Epic (Keeper of the Book ~53,000 words, Another Door ~69,000 words)
Warnings: thrall induced dub-con, violence, blood, secondary character death, flashback to dub-con during consensual sex

Author on LJ: nwhepcat
Author Website: Fic by NWHepcat

While Wesley takes a break from work after the events of “Lineage,” Anne comes to his door asking his help. A violently crazy homeless man is harassing the kids at her shelter. Wesley agrees to help out. But when he confronts the fanatic, he finds himself face to face with Xander Harris.

These are two great stories that focus much more on the mystery than the relationships.

The first story breaks off in the middle of Season Five Angel and has a really intriguing big bad. It firmly establishes an alternate canon that is at least as intriguing as canon Season Five. For some reason, though, in “Keeper of the Book” there are a few scenes from Willow’s POV that really disrupt the story flow. The rest of the story is told from Wesley’s POV with brief glimpses from manic!Xander’s POV. Also, Anne occasionally comes across as OOC and a bit Mary Sue-ish. Luckily she’s not in either story to excess.

The second story starts off by bringing some healing to all the main characters of “Keeper of the Book.” It becomes really interesting from there because here NWHepcat goes back in and uses canon events from the rest of Season Five in her alternate canon. It makes for both a lighter and a darker story than the first, combining the canonically humorous with some of the truly dark events of Season Five. The only real negative for me of “Another Door” is the name that Wesley comes up for the Detective Company.

This series is a true ensemble piece if ever an ensemble piece there was. The only main character missing is Dawn. For the most part everyone’s in character, which must be very difficult with this many characters. This is a great series if you’re in the mood for a good adventure or two.

Keeper of the Book
Another Door


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