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We Could Steal Time, by dorcas_gustine (R)

It's theme week again! This week: Sci-Fi Small Fandom

Title: We Could Steal Time
Fandom: Life on Mars
Pairing: Sam Tyler/Gene Hunt
Categories: AU, Drama, Romance, Time Travel
Length: Long (~34,000 words)
Warnings: racism, sexism, abuse of police procedure, mental illness (real and imagined), partner infidelity (kind of), very depressing in places but there is a happy(ish) ending.

Author on LJ: dorcas_gustine
Website: Fic Masterlist

Summary: Sam wakes up in 2006 after a year passes, and six months later, DCI Gene Hunt transfers in from Hyde.

Please don't let my absolutely terrible summary turn you off this story, it is *fantastic*. I just loved how Sam and Gene get together, their dynamic is very smartly done here. The story is split into two parts, connected by an interesting case. The first part is all about Sam and Gene learning to find a middle-y ground concerning their differing views on police procedure, and figuring out their feelings for each other as they try to solve a baffling string of murders. But then Sam is suddenly swept back into 2006, and he's having trouble adjusting. Fortunately, Gene is similarly swept up in the time travel shenanigans, and soon they're on the case again! I will never get tired of Gene Hunt navigating the 21st century, and there are some killer moments in here (I've got one word for you: Teletubbies.)

We Could Steal Time


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