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Title: Screen control your motherboard
Fandom: Merlin
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Categories: AU, Romance, Humor, Crack
Length: Medium (~11,000 words)

Author on LJ: furloughday
Website: Master Fic Post

Summary: Arthur is Merlin's tech support at work

Merlin is hilariously dense in this fic, and I enjoyed the use of in medias res in regards to how Merlin and Arthur meet (which I won't spoil too much, because it's quite funny.) I enjoyed reading about Arthur being an unintentional but well-meaning douchebag, and Merlin being an almost unbelievably oblivious twit. It's sweet when two people bring out the worst in each other, but still manage to fall in love despite, or even because of that. I liked how Arthur and Merlin's social/class differences are portrayed here, furloughday makes good use of the corporate setting to portray the the fairly large gap between Arthur and Merlin. A lot of modern-day AU's in Merlin fandom tend to be more socially egalitarian, excepting in cases like Prince of Wales!Arthur or movie star!Arthur. This fic explores the balance of power in the workplace a little more in depth, and it makes Arthur more believable as a corporate mogul-in-training, and less like the unfortunate result of undeserved nepotism. Merlin's preconceived notions of "the CEO's son" and "Arthur from Tech Support" are vastly different because of that power (and that Arthur is basically incapable of being polite to Merlin. Canon supports me on this!). Because he perceives Arthur's ham-handed attempts at wooing him as skeezy, two-faced corporate maneuvering or not-so-subtle threats of unemployment, Merlin can't see past the outer layer to see the sweet, slightly mean marshmallow center. But anyways, this is a cute corporate romance story with accompanying pictures! Hooray! :D

Screen control your motherboard


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May. 10th, 2011 05:26 am (UTC)
That was very cute. THanks for the link. :)
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