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Title: Lies Were Kept Simple
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Jess
Categories: angst, drama, pre-canon, sad_stories
Length: Medium (4,024 words)
Warnings: canon character death, unhappy ending

Author on LJ: hells_half_acre
Author Website: Master List of Fic

What Jess DID know about Sam's family.

Set before the series pilot, this bittersweet story shows Jess' POV of her relationship with Sam. He always deflects or lies when asked about his past, but she still gets hints about how things were, in the lack of family visits, strange scars, and odd silences.

Cleverly told, with a fascinating outsider perspective of the early Winchester family life, it's all the more heartbreaking for the ending, which dove-tails into the ending of the pilot episode.

Lies Were Kept Simple


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