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Second Fiddle by gracie_musica (PG-13)

Posted on behalf of slyprentice

Title: Second Fiddle
Fandom: Doctor Who, BBC’s Sherlock
Pairing: Donna Nobel/John Watson
Categories: Action/Adventure, Humor, Crossover, Romance
Length: Long
Warnings: None

Author on LJ: gracie_musica
Website: n/a

Summary: “The sound of 80-plus keys going at 110 words per minute is almost as good as a white noise machine, John Watson thinks as he turns the newspaper to the next section. Almost, because the noise stops periodically, their new secretary pausing to shuffle notes around, or stopping to reread what she's written to make sure it makes sense.

Their secretary. His and Sherlock's. Mostly Sherlock's.”

There are some pairings that just don’t seem to make sense, especially at first glance, but given the chance they smack you in the fact with how right they are. This is one of them. John and Donna, and by extension Sherlock and the Doctor, are like two peas in a pod; connecting in ways that only companions of two brilliant madmen can and being the better for it. Well, better in the sense that they now have someone who can understand what it’s like to be them.

What I love about this story is that the author has managed to merge these two fandoms seamlessly and with great attention to characterization. It’s like two pieces of a big jigsaw puzzle falling into place and making possible a bigger, more fantastic picture that just happens to involve John and Donna going on dates, having adventures, and being themselves. Hilarious and fun, I definitely recommend this to those of you who love either show.

Second Fiddle (scroll to the bottom for part one)


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