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Thanksgiving, 2005 by derryderrydown (PG)

Title: Thanksgiving, 2005
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: gen, Sam/Jess, John/Mary
Categories: AU, angst, drama, family, fluff, holiday, sad_stories
Length: Short (1,431 words)
Warnings: unhappy ending

Author on LJ: derryderrydown / [personal profile] derryderrydown
Author Website: [ profile]derryderrydown

Thanksgiving, 2005 as it would be in an AU where Mary and Jess hadn't died and as it actually was.

I seem constitutionally unable to rec happy het/canon stories for the Supernatural fandom, probably because all the het relationships in canon don't end well.

This brief little fic is ninety percent AU fluff, in which Sam takes Jess home to meet the family during the Thanksgiving holiday. I love the little touches, like Dean being a firemanm the subtly altered yet in character banter between the brothers, and the relationships between all the family.

It's the last ten percent of the fic, where we get a glimpse of Sam and Dean as they actually spend their holiday that is a real gut-punch. The dichotomy itself between the two sections is a clever and masterful bit of storytelling, and both sections give fun insights into the characters. That said, I'd only rec if you're in the mood for a sad story, or just avoid the last section and read it as a fluffy holiday AU.

Thanksgiving, 2005 (AO3)
Thanksgiving, 2005 (DW)
Thanksgiving, 2005 (LJ)
Tags: fandom: supernatural, genre: angst, genre: au, genre: drama, genre: family, genre: fluff, genre: holiday, genre: sad_stories, length: short, pairing: gen, pairing: het, recs by jenna_marianne
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