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Users Are Losers, by sparky77 (R)

Title: Users Are Losers
Fandom: Merlin
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Categories: Humor, AU
Length: Medium (~3000 words)
Warnings: Hilarity and ridiculousness.

Author on LJ: sparky77
Website: Q's Fic

Summary: “Destiny is outlawed, you know,” Arthur says. Merlin laughs. “You try telling destiny that.”

This takes some of the more ridiculous aspects of the series and crystallizes into a gem of cracktastic modern!AU. Arthur is a bounty-hunter, whose first target is Merlin, and their ensuing meeting of destiny is all kinds of hot and awesome. I really loved the wordplay in this fic, as exemplified here:
“Destiny doesn’t make you kiss strange men in alleyways,” Arthur objects.

”Maybe not in your neighbourhood. It happens in mine all the time,” Merlin grins.

Arthur definitely does not feel anything like jealousy at the thought of Merlin experiencing destiny with other people in other alleyways.

This is short and sweet, with wit and style that isn't often encountered on the interwebs. If you like Neil Gaiman's short stories, I think you'd enjoy this fic.

Users Are Losers
Tags: fandom: merlin, genre: au, genre: humor, length: medium, pairing: arthur/merlin, pairing: slash, recs by lolitakun
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