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The Overnight Sensation, by samirant (PG)

Hey all! Sorry I've been a no-show for the last two weeks, I was on vacation, and then I contracted a cold from said vacation. As I prostrate myself to your glorious personages, dear readers, I shall announce it is Theme Week! This month: Small Fandoms!

Title: The Overnight Sensation
Fandom: Ugly Betty
Pairing: Daniel/Betty
Categories: Crack, Humor, Fluff
Length: medium (~2900 words)
Warnings: paparazzi

Author on LJ: samirant
Website: Fic Tag

Summary: A rookie paparazzo captures a scandalous picture of Daniel Meade and his "newest beau". His coworkers feel compelled to pass on the Legend of The Betty.

In my opinion, their is not nearly enough Betty love in the series (which was kind of the point, I guess, BUT STILL.) So when I found this fic, I did the happy dance of fannish glee as I read it, because it contains two of my (non-sexual) fanfic kinks: outsider point of view, and the press. I loved the original characters, who have this great balance of jaded cynicism and genuine enthusiasm about their jobs as paparazzi. There's some great banter, and the setting of a tabloid gives the 'outsider' characters just enough inside knowledge to understand what is going on with the canon characters, and yet they still retain a fresh perspective for the reader. Any fan of Betty Suarez is bound to enjoy this fic :)

The Overnight Sensation


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