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Chocolate Hurricane by cicirossi (NC-17)

Title: Chocolate Hurricane
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Categories: crack, humor, something made them do it, angst, some darkness, some hurt/comfort (if you count sexual healing)
Length: long (~33,000 words)
Warnings: dub/non-con on both sides (at least at points), despite the cracky premise there are some seriously dark things going on in this fic—not for the faint of heart

Author on LJ: cicirossi
Author Website: this seems to be adware heavy so I’m not linking it

Xander arrives home one day to find a box of chocolate waiting for him in his mailbox. He eats it. And then things start to go cock-eyed.

This is one of the best premises ever written in Buffy-‘verse. And it’s remarkably well-executed at that. Cicirossi does a great job of cutting the humor with the suspense. And cutting the suspense with the sex. And the sex. And, you guessed it, the sex.

The characterizations are quite good in this. Both Xander and Spike are in character more often than they’re out of it. And the ‘big bad’ is unexpected and fairly satisfying. All in all a very fun read with a dark twist or two along the way.

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