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Title: The "How to Fight Loneliness" series.
Fandom: Criminal Minds.
Pairing: Spencer Reid/Emily Prentiss.
Categories: Angst, Casefile, Hurt/Comfort, Romance.
Length: Super!Epic
Warnings: Minor chracter death, discussions of drug addiction, mental illness.

Author on LJ: madlori / madlorific (Fic journal)
Author Website: Madlori @ FF.net

The "How to Fight Loneliness" series (composed of "How to Fight Loneliness", "Perspectives on a Romance", "Casefiles of Mr. Prentiss and Mrs. Genius," "Closure" and "Genius at Work") goes from the beginning of Emily and Reid's romance to the trials and triumph's of their married life. "How to Fight Loneliness" (the first story in the series) and "Genius at Work" show us the evolution of Emily and Reid's relationship from different points of view. "Perspectives on a Romance" is a series of short "POV" pieces where we get to see how Reid and Emily's friends and colleagues react to their romance, while "Casefiles of Mr. Prentiss and Mrs. Genius" sees Emily and Spencer use their profiling skills to solve non-BAU related problems.

After watching the initial broadcast of the CM episode "Minimal Loss" (the one where Prentiss and Reid go undercover to investigate a cult), I wondered if there were any good Emily/Spencer fics out there. At the time I couldn't fine any, but years later (when in fact I had completely forgotten I had ever - however briefly - shipped Reid/Prentiss), someone sent me a link to the first story of the "How to Fight Loneliness" series and I was immediately hooked.

Madlori is perhaps best known for her epic Brokeback Mountain fanfics "Human Interest / Two Crows Joy," but she has proven herself to be an excellent writer independent of the fandom. I really, really love the fact that while the series is heavily based on the romantic and (to a somewhat lesser extent) sexual aspects of Emily and Reid's relationship, Lori doesn't idealize said relationship nor does she shy away from competently addressing some rather important issues, such as Reid's addiction and fear for his mental health, Emily's defensiveness when it comes to personal issues and their conflicting desires when it comes to having children.

All in all, this is a long, extremely well written and very satisfying series.

The "How to Fight Loneliness" series (Masterpost on LJ)
For those that would rather download each fic in one file, they are also available @ FF.net


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