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Title: Only Going One Way
Fandom: Bandom/Due South
Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Categories: action/adventure, angst, AU, case file, crack, crossover, humor, hurt/comfort, mystery
Length: Epic (~73,000 words)
Warnings: violence

Author on LJ: jjtaylor, ataratah
jjtaylor Website: AO3
Atar’Atah Website: AO3

While on the trail of his brother, Constable Gerard Way makes his way to Chicago where he ends up making many fantastic dinners for the Consulate and meeting his new partner, Frank Iero of the 2-7.

The fact that these authors were actually able to cross Due South and Bandom without just making it some kind of cop-out fusion simply boggles the mind. Most of the characters from Due South have fairly predominant roles, especially considering this is mainly a story about Frank and Gerard and their journey to becoming good partners. The bandom side of things is obviously AU, but at the same time it starts with plenty of the non-AU parts of fandom. The fact that Gerard and Mikey have their own ghost, who just happens to be their grandmother is just so so perfect.

There are some definite grammatical errors in this and at least one plot point that seems to come up out of absolutely nowhere, but considering this is a collaboration and considering the size of this collaboration, it’s nothing out of the norm. This fic is well worth the read.

Only Going One Way


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