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Sensing Evil by Lady Ra (NC-17)

2nd try for Horror/Supernatural week...

Title : Sensing Evil
Fandom : NCIS
Pairings : Gibbs/DiNozzo
Categories : Supernatural, horror, Casefile
Length : Epic (~ 41000 words)
Warnings : Violence, crimes, threats of non-con

Author in LJ : ladyra
Author website : Vision of pretty boys

While being stalked by something not entirely human, someone casts a spell on Tony that changes his life forever.

Review :
I love Lady Ra fanfics. She is one of those great authors you can enjoy even if you don't know the fandom they're writing in.
This story is quite dark. The case the Ncis team is working is terrifying. And honestly the descriptions of the crime scene are gruesome and horrifying but they work and are necessary for the atmosphere of the story.
The characterization of Tony and Gibbs are spot on. The team is great and Morrow is really a great Director. And the characters created by Lady Ra are awesome (both the Bench Lady and the Evil one).
If you want more, there also is a nice epilogue called "Sensing Tony".

Sensing Evil

Sensing Tony


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Oct. 25th, 2011 01:48 am (UTC)
Hi epona34,

Quick fix notes on your categories/tags. Some of the genre's you tagged with are missing from the categories section (these two things should match), case file & horror, and you're missing the "pairing: slash" tag.


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