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Fencing by merriman (PG)

Title : Fencing
Fandom : Highlander/Ocean 11
Pairings : None
Categories : Crossover, Humor, Friendship
Length : Medium (~3800 words)
Warnings : N/A

Author in LJ : merriman
Author website : on AO3. Not all of merriman's fics are archived there.

Losing one's sword can be terribly inconvenient. Having it stolen is worse.

Review :
You only need to know very little about both fandoms to enjoy this crossover. And this story is really a gem.
I did hesitate to rec it since it's quite short but i think the shortness really works here (even if I wouldn't have minded more of it). It is a great story and i think anybody can enjoy it.
The first scene is great. The banter between both sets of characters are spot on. And the dialogs are just masterpieces of fun and delicious puns.



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Nov. 14th, 2011 11:39 pm (UTC)
Hi epona, looks like an extra tag (pairing: short) snuck into the post, could you delete it? Thanks! Jenna
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