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A New Low, by rosemaryandrue (PG)

Title: A New Low
Fandom: Merlin
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Categories: Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, AU
Length: Long (~15,000 words)
Warnings: character illness (diabetes) and portrayal of a diabetic episode.

Author on LJ: rosemaryandrue
Website: n/a

Summary: Arthur and Merlin are stuck in a lift, when Merlin has a diabetic episode. Fluff ensues as Arthur takes it upon himself to smother take care of Merlin, much to Merlin's protestations.

I've recently come to appreciate hurt/comfort as a genre, and not just as an anthropomorphic slash pairing. I liked how Arthur handles Merlin's attack in the lift, a little confused and unsure but sincere in his desire to help. As someone who devours modern-day office AUs for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I thought the setting (a textbook publisher) was interesting and a nice twist on the generic 'publisher', but it was, ultimately, kind of bland and forgettable. I did, however, love Arthur in this fic. Arthur is kind of emotionally stunted, but earnest in his quest to take care of Merlin, despite Merlin's objections to being taken care of. My heart went a little squishy at Arthur's desire smother Merlin with his love, in the guise of incessant mother-henning and doing things for Merlin even when Merlin refuses to accept the help. The tension between Arthur's need to care for Merlin and Merlin's desire to be independent is wonderful, and the smattering of banter and humor on top of everything else is what took the cake.
Also there is a rainbow Dalek. It is awesome and I want one like burning.

A New Low


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