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What I Am by Morgan Briarwood (PG-13)

Here's a co-rec from lolitakun and jenna_marianne!

Title: What I Am
Fandom: Dexter (TV)
Pairing: gen
Categories: AU, case file, drama, yuletide recs
Length: Medium (9,237 words)
Warnings: season 5 spoilers, canon compliant references to serial killing, including disturbing imagery, & past rape

Author on LJ: briarwood / [personal profile] briarwood
Author Website: [archiveofourown.org profile]morgan32 / Morgan Briarwood

Miami's most prolific serial killer, Dexter Morgan, is arrested for murder. Ironically, this time he is not guilty.

Per lolitakun: I really loved this Yuletide fic; which is for me, the perfect post-s5 fic. It combines both a fantastic premise (Dexter's falsely accused of murder!) and some excellent characterization, especially of the female characters in the show. Debra, in particular, is strong and loyal, even as she comes across some incredibly damning evidence about Dexter's many killings, in the course of trying to prove her brother's innocence. LaGuerta and Masuka make wonderful cameos as they try to do the right thing, even if it conflicts with their friendship with Dexter. The only caveats I have with this rec are that this story is a), kinda short for the story being told, and b), we never figure out who framed Dexter. Overall, it's a fantastic Yuletide fic, but those who get buggy about plotholes may want to give this a miss.

Per jenna_marianne: If you have been wanting to see someone tackle Dexter's secrets being revealed like I have, this is the fic for you. Told alternating between Dexter and Deb's POVs, Dexter is arrested for a killing he didn't commit and can't defend himself since he was busy committing another murder at the time! Deb is completely perplexed by Dexter's reactions and starts finding out things she'd rather not. The author never goes for the easy answers, and all the characters react in ways that seem very true to them, especially Deb.

What I Am

ETA 1/1/12: de-anoned author information
ETA2 1/6/12: merged lolitakun & jenna_marianne's recs into one post


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