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Fearful Symmetry by Emynn PG

Title: Fearful Symmetry
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Snape/Harry
Categories: Creature!fic, Humor, Romance, Hurt/Comfort
Length: Medium (11,000 words)
Warnings: N/A

Author on IJ: Emynn
Author Website: Fic Masterlist

Summary: Harry was comfortable living in his little cottage with 22 animals. Then a little black rabbit arrived and changed everything...

Review: The war is over and Harry lives all by his lonesome, self-isolated, in the middle of a forest with his twenty-two pets. One day, he happens across a cantankerous, but lovable rabbit and everything changes. The grumpy rabbit, General, quickly becomes part of the family and Harry becomes more than a little attached to him. Gradually, it becomes evident that all is not well with Harry, and it's up to the wizard's mysterious nightly visitor to cure him of his ailment-- however reluctant Harry is to accept it.

This fic is definitely a squee-worthy, feel-good fic-- but it's also so much more. There's some unexpected angst and a little hurt/comfort that pops up about half-way through, but the majority of the fic is simply marvelous and adorable. The writing is enchanting and feels distinctly like Harry.

If you're feeling a little down or simply are looking for something worthy of making you squee, than look no further! This fic is exactly what you need and I promise you won't be disappointed. Oh, and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Excerpt: General paid him no regard. He hopped onto a chair and then up onto the counter where the potion was still bubbling. Harry startled when General got particularly close to the flames heating the cauldron, but somehow, the rabbit knew just how far he could go without becoming the amazing fireball bunny. He couldn't help but snort at the image. General looked over at him – if rabbits had eyebrows, Harry would have sworn he was arching one at him in the most patronizing manner possible.

"Well, is it up to your standards, oh mighty General?"

General cocked an ear at him and hopped off the table and out the door. Muttering about the wretched manners of lagomorphs, Harry went back to his potion. It had just turned a lovely shade of peach when General re-entered the lab, rolling with his twitching nose a pomegranate that had to be larger than his entire head.

"Thanks, but I already ate," Harry said. Wincing at the exasperated look General gave him, Harry wondered how it was possible to feel insulted by a rabbit. "Well? What else would you have me do with it?"

General leaped up to the table where Harry kept his potions equipment. He nudged a knife until it fell on the floor. "Now that you almost sliced one of my toes off, I suppose you want me to cut the pomegranate open?"

General stretched his body out, looking as effortlessly regal as a sphinx, and stared at him. Rolling his eyes, and wondering for the hundredth time just how he became a slave to animals a fraction of his size, Harry cut off the crown of the pomegranate, cursing a bit when the ruby juice squirted on his white shirt.

Fearful Symmetry


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